Since everything from the previous website disappeared in the Great Cyber Vanishing Act, thought I would repost something about upcoming books I am happy to announce that Going To The Dogs is due for release in February 2012 That might sound a long way off but it isn’t–not when edits still need to be done, galley proofs read, cover art, etc
So what’s the book about? This is one for the dog lovers although my editor says after she read the book, she was tempted to run out and buy a dog .
Detective Sam Kendall’s life is going to the dogs but he’s a cop on a mission–find his partner’s killer and solve a big time jewel heist. Sam doesn’t care about the missing jewels as much as his dead partner and he’ll do anything to nab the killer. The catch? His new partner is a giant poodle who lives for junk food, baseball and country music and if there’s one thing Sam hates–yes, you guessed it–it’s dogs, and especially this one. Too bad his chief suspect is Jodie McBride, dog trainer par excellance but a loser with men There’s no way to get rid of the poodle who’s making better time with Jodie than Sam. Sometimes the dogs are smarter than people because this poodle knows these two belong together and with the help of his canine pals and their eccentric owners, they’re determined to make a match.