Yes, there will be a new Liberty Heights book this year. Wait Watchers is scheduled for release in late spring. Definitely had fun with this one–poor Portia Hart. Hiding out in Liberty Heights and stuck as the first guest at LouAnn’s bed and breakfast. Portia sprained her ankle, lost her glasses and can’t see a thing. Maybe that’s good. The other guests are driving her crazy. BettyAnn is in hysterics–she’s been kicked out of Registered Witches of America. Accident prone magician Howie broke a finger and none of his tricks work. The Valentines–John, Paul, George, Rocky and Eve employ creative methods of getting their way–hey! this is New Jersey, right? The last thing Portia needs is newly widowed Truman Wilder. He’s got enough problems with an unhappy teenage daughter. Then there’s Uncle Rufus Freedbush who’s taken up residence. He’s a sweet old guy with a teensy problem. Okay, a big fat problem. He’s convinced he’s Ernest Hemingway. Yikes! What does Wayne, everyone’s favorite beagle have to say about all this? Any psychic predictions?
More fun coming this year with Wait Watchers!