Happy New Year! What’s coming for Liberty Heights in 2013

Liberty Heights update for 2013! Yes, there will be a new Liberty Heights book slated for release in June. Light My Fire is Book 4 in the series. It’s about time mayor, paramedic and fire chief (hey, it’s a small town!) Woodrow “Woody” Wilson makes a move on widowed Kara Portman Wilson. The catch? Kara’s dead husband was Woody’s cousin and best friend and for the first time, Woody is faced with a genuine election threat. Chief of police Alice Finster is convinced a sex store is opening in Liberty Heights (can you imagine?) and politics battles with romance on Woody’s agenda. Then there’s 80 year old Gertie Finster also running for mayor to spite Alice. Is a sex store really coming to Liberty Heights? And who is the mysterious Wayne Ripple?
You won’t believe what Liberty Heights can do to an election! Not to mention the combination of romance and every woman in town trying to buy a Miracle Dress!