Life of the Party

I’ve been away trying to have some time with my son, but happy to announce that The Life of the Party (Book 2 The Liberty Heights series) is now out at
It will be at Amazon and Barnes and Noble when they decide to get it up there but you can save a bit by buying direct at Muse.
Book 3 Hanky Panky is in production and scheduled for December release. You wouldn’t believe the things that go on in Liberty Heights so check them out. Yes, Book 4 Light My Fire has been submitted. No word yet but I am hopeful and I guess I will hear back soon.
Enjoy the long weekend if you are in the US!


“Entertaining, humorous, and the romance is spot on”–Yep, The Life of the Party is officially on sale August 31 direct from Muse
You can still pre-order and save big so head on over and party on!.

Liberty Heights Hula–are you kidding?

Sorry, there is no Liberty Heights Hula Dance. Yet. I wouldn’t put it past Ellie Marx, cruise director, party organizer, and natural born optimist. She’s home in Liberty Heights and colliding with writer Zach Resnick. Uh-oh. Zach was the crush of Ellie’s life as a little girl. Did he pay the slightest attention to her? Nope. Ellie’s grown up and Zach’s paying attention now. He’s supposed to be writing a book but with Ellie scheming and organizing every possible kind of party in town, Daddy baby showers, Seniors Movie Nights, a Murder Mystery for the whole town, he hasn’t got a chance. Ellie’s going to turn Zach into the Life of the Party if it kills her!
What’s that got to do with hula? Nothing really, except I took my first hula class this week. Heaps of fun and I do recommend it!

Liberty Heights Redux

I’ve seen a second draft of the cover for the second book in the series, The Life of the Party. I like it much better than the first so I imagine the final cover will be around soon. As soon as it is finalized, I will post a link so you can see it and tell me what you think.
Also happy to report that writing the fourth book, Light My Fire, is now going well after a few snags, and I am hoping to get a first draft done fairly soon. Geez, I am astounded at some of the things that happen in Liberty Heights but I do love that town! Soooo, I guess I should get back to it.
Thank you to people who wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed Animal Crackers, the first book in the series that started all this lunacy. I do appreciate hearing from you.
Finally, happy to say my Twitter account is now working again so I apologize to anyone who did not receive thanks or welcome as followers–I just couldn’t get the darned thing to work but it seems okay now.

What’s new in Liberty Heights

I’ve been pretty busy over the past month spending my time in Liberty Heights. The second book, entitled, The Life of the Party, should be out in August. I saw one draft of the cover art but have asked for some changes. As soon as that is final, I will put it up here so you can have a look too. It’s going to be pretty hard for artist Lex Valentine, to top the cover for Animal Crackers, everyone loves it, especially me. How can you not with that terrific chimp on the cover? I have a stock supply of postcards from Liberty Heights with the cover art so if you would like a card from Liberty Heights, email me as directed on this website.
Now, rather interestingly, a reader wrote to me to ask how to drive to Liberty Heights. I am sorry in a way that I had to tell her that No, you cannot drive there because it doesn’t exist except in my head and then in books.
More Liberty Heights news: The third book in the series, Hanky Panky, which personally I find the funniest, is going through the edits now and we intend to get that book out at the end of the year. I love that book, and think it is the funniest. Not to give anything away, but Dana Fremder, (Hayley’s best friend from Animal Crackers) is temporarily stuck in Liberty Heights. So is voice over actor Hank Axelrod, grandson of Grandma Baumgart, a pretty cool octegenarian from previous books.. Grandma took a joyride on a skateboard resulting a concussion and the unshakeable belief that Hank and Dana are married. Nobody wants to upset Grandma, so what can Hank and Dana do? There’s so much fun stuff in that book, I laughed out loud, so did my editor and I hope you will too.
Finally, I am working on a fourth book tentatively entitled Light My Fire. I’m having fun with all the folks in Liberty Heights as usual, and the arrival a few new characters (and I do mean characters in every sense) and the return of a few who have been mentioned in previous books, so I’d better get back to work on that.
Just for fun, I had myself listed to become an extra on Hawaii 5-0. No calls yet (not holding my breath) but did get one for another show that I declined. I figured nothing to lose and maybe some fun and if not, so what?
Sooo, either see you on the beach or in Liberty Heights. Hey, you never know who might be turned into a character!


I am delighted to announce that the first LIberty Heights book is out. Animal Crackers is now available through MuseItUp. It will also be sold on Amazon Kindle whenever they get the book on their site–no control over that. Hopefully sooner rather than later. In the meantime, feel free to head over to Muse to read the excerpt. I will get one posted here as soon as I can. Everyone seems to love the cover–what’s not to like or laugh about with that chimp?
I’ve finished the line edits for the second book in the series, The Life of the Party and we are starting work on the third book, Hanky Panky. Will there be a fourth? Yes, I’m just starting to work on it. There’s ALWAYS something going on in Liberty Heights–you just have to love that place!