Had a terrifically fun time writing this Liberty Heights story especially for Thanksgiving. Where else would someone kidnap a turkey? Now the state of New Jersey has cops out hunting Jerome the turkey, star of commercials. Holiday fun and mayhem in Pranksgiving. Night Owl review below

Night Owl Reviews Pranksgiving, A Liberty Heights Thanksgiving:

Elle Druskin dishes up mayhem and mirth as the main dish for Thanksgiving with a side of frivolity with her silly short story. I love visiting Liberty Heights as I seriously cannot guess what these eccentric people will get up to next. Birdnapping, really? The story blurb gives nothing away and I do not want to spoil the feast for anyone by expanding on it but just be assured you will catch up with many of your favourite inhabitants of this incredible town and find out what they have been getting up to since their previous adventures. Some memorable citizens appear in this installment including the psychic dog and his lovable owner and of course the attractive vet and his clever wife. If you are looking for a quirky little break from the mundane, the ordinary, the everyday, this is definitely the read for you, however I would advise you become acquainted with the residents first so that you can follow the ins and outs and the ups and downs.
Feathers are ruffled in Liberty Heights this Thanksgiving when residents think they are seeing a Turkey on the loose. Is it the power of suggestion, after all the newspaper headline is touting the fact that the star of the Ledbetter Turkey commercials has been kidnapped, or is it just the stress of preparing for the holiday weekend?

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