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This is going to be really short because we are in the middle of edits on Going To The Dogs coming from Muse It Up Publishing in February next year but they are having a sale and contest if anyone is interested. Here is the link:

3days left WISH I COULD BUY THAT EBOOK FOR ONLY 99CENTS CONTEST https://museituppub bookstore2/

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  1. Had me hooked. Marking another one down on my to buy list.

  2. Joelle Walker says:

    Oh, how fun! Pretty sure when I was raising purebreds, I had the clueless stud, wearing a Doberman suit who would’ve strutted over to his royal pillows without giving his mistress-in-distress a second thought. It’ll be on my TB list as well.


    • elledruskin says:

      I am convinced my dog would lead a burglar to anything of value if a hamburger was involved . I honestly don’t know who gave me a bigger kick in this book–the humans or the dogs!

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