I’m back! With a re-release

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been absent for quite a while due to various problems but I’m back and happy to announce that the Liberty Heights series is being re-released! All of the books will be out there. The first three, Animal Crackers, Life of the Party and Hanky Panky are available at the very  affordable price of 99 cents each. So if you need a beach read, a feel good happily ever romance or just a good giggle, head on over to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more sites are coming as well as libraries that will be able to get the books. Not bad huh?




So what else is new? Honestly, I’m grateful to be healthy and safe. I’m in Hawaii and yes, I’m working on a new book set here in our beautiful Islands. I know we have all been faced with challenges from covid and probably none of us thought we would be in this mess for such a long time. I think we have to face it that we have to learn to live with this virus because it has learned to live with us. I still remain optimistic that things will get better.

How did I handle the lockdowns? Better than expected. I did have to learn to teach online but I’m pretty good at it now. And I made a point of making a list of things to do every day to have some structure. I tried to see this as a chance to try new things rather than see it as being cut off from the outside world. What did I do? Went on to Duolingo to practice my French which did get better. I really enjoy the podcasts. I also tried Italian, doing so-so with that but it’s similar to French. I even started Hawaiian and Yiddish lessons. It’s free so why not? I started doing yoga with an app and same with Tai Chi. I’m back to playing tennis and some swimming and I’ve recently added attempting to learn to paint with water colors. Not so good but it’s for me so it doesn’t matter and like anything, if you stick with it, usually you get better, right?

I will be back soon with more news!


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