Where the heck have I been?

Okay, I haven’t written anything here in a looong time. In defense, I do get on Facebook pretty often, usually several times a week. I’ve been busy with the trip that turned into a nightmare of delayed and cancelled flights after sitting for hours on planes to be cancelled. Multiple times. It was a given that the luggage would get lost. Now get this, the airline is still looking for it and I keep getting phone calls from an Indian call center. Do you think I trusted the airline to find the suitcase? Not on your life. My sister and I went out to the airport and magically, we managed to find it so how come the airline can’t? Isn’t this disgraceful?
On a happier note, we are working through edits for the new Liberty Heights book Wait Watchers and getting close to the end. I am working with a new line editor. Val is great. I was sorry to lose Penny who retired and was devoted to Liberty Heights but Val seems to be just as taken with the place.

I don’t trawl Amazon every day but I did notice some new reviews posted on Amazon and Amazon UK for Life of the Party. Thank you for posting if you read this blog. If anyone is interested, here they are:

“How can two such opposite people find the way to be perfect for each other? Why, in Liberty Heights, of course! Elle Druskin has another winner!”


“It’s fun, it’s quirky overall it’s a great read, a perfect antidote if your feeling down.
This is the second book in the Liberty Heights series and it is such a fun read. You start to smile at the start of the book and the fun just continues as you read. The writing gives you such a good mental picture of the characters and the feel of Liberty Heights. By the end of the book you feel part of the community and have an emotional link to the main characters.
Elle Druskin manages to get the right tone going throughout the book. She engages you with her characters using accessible language and imagery. I have no idea what life would be like in New Jersey ( being a Brit), but after reading her books (LOVED ANIMAL CRACKERS) it would be a great place to visit. I then have to remember it’s not real.
The book sucks you into a ready made community that makes you feel it is a real place. Ellie Marx and Zach Resnick make a good love match if only they knew it. It takes many parties before they know it themselves. I think this is one party you should all gatecrash and you’ll feel the happier for it. ”


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Animal Crackers
Life of the Party
Hanky Panky
Light My Fire
Rodeo Daze
Adams and Eve A Liberty Heights Halloween
Pranksgiving A Liberty Heights Thanksgiving

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