Going To The Dogs Hawaiian Style

This is mostly for dog lovers but not exclusively. My dog finally arrived in Hawaii yesterday. Yes, you can bring a pet into Hawaii without quarantine but it is a lengthy process with a lot of paperwork and you have to do a lot of forward planning, so he’s been spending time with my family in Florida. I guess he went on vacation . Anyway, the big day arrived, and owners are instructed to go to the Airport Quarantine facility, do the final paperwork which they check. (You have obviously checked that your dog is on the booked flight before arriving) so you sit in a waiting room with all the other anxious owners who spend their time showing photos of their pets on the cell phones, etc. As the flights come in, they start to announce “Here Comes Ginger” (or Daisy or whoever) and there is a big cheer, some jumping up and down, and out rolls the crate with the Ginger (or Daisy, etc.). This is the really funny part—a lot of the owners were there with leis to greet their pets, one even had a dog biscuit and floral lei she found in Waikiki. You had to be there to see and believe this.
Anyway, they roll the crate right out to the car, (no uncrating in the airport anywhere) and off you go. My dog came through fine, a little confused, but he’s traveled before and we got home and straight to the dog park in my building which is pretty handy. Quarantine also informed me that if I want to travel with him to another Hawaiian island, it’s fine, I book a seat for him on the flight–can you believe that?–not that I am planning to do that but I guess good to know, and now that my dog is officially a canine resident of Hawaii, he can go to the Mainland and come back without another fuss if he doesn’t stay too long.
This was really an experience and I guess timed quite well with the release of Going To The Dogs from MuseItUpPublishing

Is is any wonder I’m going to the dogs too???


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