It’s time for Aloha

I’ve been a bit busy dealing with family issues but I’m back in Honolulu trying to find somewhere to live which turns out to be a real challenge. Still, when I look at the snow and cold in some parts of the US, the weather here is a bonus. It’s been a bit chilly, that means in the low 60′s at night, but around 80 during the day and a bit of rain but not much. There’s heaps going on here–Pearl Harbor Day, as you can imagine, is a big event, the island was full of people here for the ceremonies. This now also includes survivors who have died and wish to have their ashes buried with the victims of the Arizona and the other battleships so Navy divers take them down and do that. That evening there was a parade through Waikiki with the survivors at the head of the parade followed by servicemen and women and the usual marching bands, flag twirlers, etc.Now we’re gearing up for the Honolulu Marathon on Sunday which will go past Waikiki so things will be a bit crowded tomorrow. All going well, I do plan to get out on the board tomorrow, if I can get past the marathon viewing crowds. Even if it rains, well, I’ll be wet anyway. So it’s back to the beach for me–see you there!
On some writing news, Red Rose Publishing is offering a chance to some lucky reader to win a Kindle Fire, so head over to, buy a book and hope you win. Yes, To Catch A Cop and To Catch A Crook are both available there.
Going To the Dogs published by MuseItUp should be out in February. The edits are done and I am just waiting to see what the cover will look like. This story is about dog hating detective Sam Kendall who is determined to catch his partner’s killer. The catch? His new partner is a junk food addicted poodle who loves baseball and Oprah. Chief suspect and dog trainer Jodie McBride is a wiz with dogs, not so lucky with men. Sometimes dogs are smarter than people and it’s going to take a lot of work for all the canines to prove to Jodie and Sam they’re meant to be together and have beautiful puppies (and kids–every puppy should have a kid, right?”
Animal Crackers, (yep, more animals) the first of the Liberty Heights contemporary romance trilogy is being editing for a May release. In one day, advertising workaholic Hayley Weaver is fired, homeless and desperate. The only job available is housesitting a movie star’s home in New Jersey. Hayley hates Jersey, swore she’d never go back but she’s stuck and nobody told her the house is full of more critters than the Beverly Hillbillies. Local veterinarian is desperate to meet a woman he hasn’t known since high school and it’s a cinch that Jake’s on speed dial to corral all the animals. Pretty soon the whole town is determined to convince Hayley that Jake rocks and so does Jersey.

More about these books as I get more information..

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