Ala Moana and snow in Hawaii–are you kidding me?

ICopyright: Elle Druskin
‘m still in Honolulu and it’s a beautiful day, 75–86 and very comfortable with the trade winds, not hot at all, just pleasant. There has been some rain this week, but as my Mom would say, so what? It isn’t snow and you don’t have to shovel it, it’s only water. That’s pretty true. And yet, surprisingly, on the Big Island, there are predictions of some snow at the highest elevations. Snow in Hawaii–go figure.

Ala Moana was meant to be the entry for this week and it is a lovely beach. Ala Moana is technically not Waikiki, it’s the next neighborhood over on the west although still plenty of hotels and touristy things. It has the huge Ala Moana shopping center which has a lot of very “upmarket” stores if that is your thing.
Ala Moana also has a lovely beach and park where you are likely to find families because the swimming, surfing and body boarding is pretty good. It is known as a family beach because of the park with lots of grass and shade for picnics and barbecues.
One of the bonuses of Ala Moana is that it has a lot of free parking if you are coming with a car. If not The Bus is very convenient in Honolulu–it’s efficient and runs frequently, the fare is $2.50 for an adult anywhere on the route.
You should be aware that there are undercurrents at times here, I have been caught in one and the best thing to do is go with it, don’t try to fight it, until you get to a point where you can swim out of it, or signal with an arm up to the lifeguards to come and get you out of it.
There are also coral rocks and they can really cut your feet or legs if you land on them. The solution might be what I use, a reef walker kind of shoe which you can find in sports shops. Before you buy, ask if it is suitable for surfing because a lot of them are. That’s assuming you might want to use them for surfing too. Prices vary from $60–$100 depending on what you want so make sure you take your time picking out the right shoe for you at the right price.
I might be avoiding Ala Moana this weekend–for starters, there was a fire in the food court of the shopping center two days ago. Nobody was hurt and the fire was extinguished very quickly but the smoke has affected some of the stores, not many, but some and they may not be able to open for another day or so.
The second and bigger problem is APEC which is starting here next week and using facilities in the Ala Moana area. Roads are being closed, people with businesses on these streets are wondering what to do–open or not. Nobody really knows what to expect but part of Ala Moana Park is being closed and as much as I like this beach, I think I am going to give it a miss for the next few days. It’s not like there’s a lack of beaches here.
The swells in the surf are slowing getting bigger, but the really big ones won’t arrive here for another month when the big surfing tournaments will start on the North Shore. The South Shore, which is Waikiki, has much smaller swells at that time so if you want to avoid the big water, stick to the south.
I’m heading out to some beach, no idea which yet but will be back with a report.