Just saw a new reader review on Amazon UK for Hanky Panky. Sounds like another reader getting addicted to Liberty Heights!

An endearing read, full of fun and frolicking. Elle Druskin takes the reader back to Liberty Heights in the mid winter. there is sleet, snow, and groundhog day without the groundhog! What you need is to curl up and read a heartwarming story about the zany residents of Liberty Heights. there are the usual suspects plus new characters and of course the course of true love does not go to plan.
Elle Druskin brings to life her characters making you believe you are with them in their Liberty Heights neighborhood. It’s much better if you have read “Animal Crackers” & “Life of the Party” as an introduction the the series.
Thanks to Elle for another good read that made me smile throughout!

Take a peek at Hanky Panky, Book 3, The Liberty Heights series. coming in December

“This is ridiculous! I can’t stay at her house with you and pretend to be your wife!”
Steam all but rose from Dana’s head. Of all the insane things to happen, Grandma Baumgart insisted Dana was married to Hank and refused to listen to any explanation. On the contrary, she’d gotten all wound up and yelled at Hank.
“You should have paid attention to your grandfather. He knew how to keep me happy, and we were married for fifty years. You’re not giving her enough attention.”
The twitch in her lips indicated exactly what kind of attention she meant, and Dana blushed up to the roots of her hair. Explaining to the doctor hadn’t been the slightest bit of help.
“She’s physically fine. Just a residual headache. Normally, the only thing I would tell you to do is watch for any change in the headache or nausea,” Doctor Sumner explained when Hank hauled Dana off to his consulting room, leaving Hayley and Ellie to baby-sit Grandma.
“I performed a Mini-Mental Exam when she was admitted, and her score was fine. Actually, outstanding, for a woman her age. Why she thinks you two are married, I don’t know. That could be residual damage from the blow to the head.”
“How long is it going to last?”
Doctor Sumner shrugged. “Brain injury isn’t something we completely understand. It’s possible that when you get her home, her memory will jog, and she’ll come to her senses. They’re quite intact other than this blip.”
“Blip? You call this a blip? Married to him?”
“Hey, take it easy. You could do worse than me, you know,” Hank said with a glare.
Dana snorted. “How far were you planning on taking this?”
A wicked grin flashed on Hank’s face. “Interested? Grandma said to give you plenty of hanky-panky, and I’m not the one walking around ready for action without underwear.”
If a hole opened in the floor, Dana would have been thankful. Nothing could have topped yesterday as the worst day in her life—maybe in history. Then, this had to happen.
The doctor coughed, but Dana saw the color in his cheeks.
“I’m going to discharge her. Let’s see how she does at home. Your, um, wife, can give me a call once a day and let me know how things are going.”
“I’m not his wife!” Dana screeched. She didn’t care who heard her. This wascrazy, and this doctor didn’t plan to do a darned thing about it, just dump the whole thing in her lap.
He handed Dana a business card with his phone number. “No more
skateboards. I don’t know what she was thinking.” He shook his head and walked out the door without another word.
Dana glared at Hank, who eyed her. She didn’t miss the humor lines etched around his eyes. “Think this is funny? I don’t. What am I supposed to do if she never comes to her senses?”
Hank shrugged. “Get a joint bank account, I guess. I make pretty good money, lucky for you.”
Dana gritted her teeth. She could feel a migraine starting, and all thanks to Hank Axelrod, the world’s biggest lunatic.

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