To Catch A Crook is out! Yes, the second To Catch book is out at Red Rose Publishing and will be making its way to Amazon, Fictionwise, etc. some time soon (I hope!). What’s Lindy up to this time? You would think one murder per lifetime is enough but Lindy’s strong area is not math. This time a London archivist has been murdered. Who would kill an archivist and why? The cops think she did it, the killer is on her trail so there’s only one thing to do, find hottie Detective Fraser MacKinnon up in Scotland and hope he knows how to bail her out of this mess. Sounds easy but not for Lindy in the midst of a blizzard and before she knows it, she’s mixed up with a soap star, Santa Claus and a Bollywood diva. And then there’s Aunt Effie’s psychic predictions. What else could happen? To Catch A Crook! See an excerpt on this website.
Having arrived back from Sydney pretty sick, maybe the next book should be To Catch A Cold

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