5 Roses for Going To The Dogs

I stayed up pretty late last night watching the US election results. I don’t make political comments here, there are more than enough places to find those, but I slept in as a result. “In” for me meaning past 5 am, so you can imagine I was pretty surprised to find people talking about a 5 Roses review for Going To The Dogs posted on Rochelle’s Reviews. Seems everyone know about this but me! Here’s the review and the link, and yes, I was doing the Happy Dance!

I’m not normally a fan of pedigreed dogs. They’re inbred, spoiled and hyper. Give me a mutt from the pound any day. But ya gotta love a dog who eats pizza and Fritos, watches baseball (even if it is the Yankees and not the Cubs), and sings along with the radio. And ya gotta love a cop who looks like George Clooney and bumbles his way through a case involving a dog trainer and her canine clients and their wacky owners. I try to follow a schedule each day—so much time writing, promoting, reading, etc. At night I read a chapter or so and drift off to sleep, often with my Kindle in hand and the light on. At some point my head bobs and I wake up enough to put my Kindle on the bedside table and turn out the light. Not so last night. I read straight through until I finished the book somewhere around five a.m. I highly recommend this book. Just be sure you don’t have anything else scheduled and you don’t have to be anywhere the next day when you pick it up. It’s not a bathtub read unless you don’t mind getting cold and pruny.”


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