Liberty Heights Hula–are you kidding?

Sorry, there is no Liberty Heights Hula Dance. Yet. I wouldn’t put it past Ellie Marx, cruise director, party organizer, and natural born optimist. She’s home in Liberty Heights and colliding with writer Zach Resnick. Uh-oh. Zach was the crush of Ellie’s life as a little girl. Did he pay the slightest attention to her? Nope. Ellie’s grown up and Zach’s paying attention now. He’s supposed to be writing a book but with Ellie scheming and organizing every possible kind of party in town, Daddy baby showers, Seniors Movie Nights, a Murder Mystery for the whole town, he hasn’t got a chance. Ellie’s going to turn Zach into the Life of the Party if it kills her!
What’s that got to do with hula? Nothing really, except I took my first hula class this week. Heaps of fun and I do recommend it!

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