Big Surf and why I wouldn’t dream of dipping a toe in that

Reporting in from Honolulu—a good idea to stay out of the water today, box jellyfish alert. This happens every so often and at least you are warned! Just as well for Waikiki because it’s pretty flat so if you surf this would be a good day to get the dings fixed on the board . I am heading up to the North Shore later, but not going near the water, monster waves, at least 15 feet although I know they get much bigger and these are only for the pros.
if you are looking for a stay away beach thing to do, try the Bishop Museum which is full of Hawaiiana. The displays are wonderful, feathered cloaks of the Hawaiian royalty, spears, shell leis, and more and the staff are lovely and always willing to answer questions so definitely make time to visit if you are in Honolulu. There will be more later with a report on the North Shore

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