Airlines, Florida, travel is not for sissies

I’ve arrived in Florida after a long trip from Honolulu since connections never seem to make it easier and instead, I end up jumping on flights all over the place to connect.
Maybe someone can explain this to me. Why is it we pay to check our bags and then when they arrive damaged we also pay to fix or replace them? Is this service? Isn’t it enough we have to pack our own pillows and blankets most of the time and food too for some flights that don’t sell anything or what they sell isn’t something you would eat and pay a lot of money for but now this. I should consider myself lucky I even found my bags, they were off loaded and stacked with a pile of stuff heading for a cruise that I was not heading towards. Geez. Between all the security, shoes, off, coats, everything else off, travel is not fun anymore and it certainly isn’t for sissies.
I will get another beach blog up shortly but it’s chilly here for Florida, down to around 50F at night and in the 70′s during the day but windy. That might sound balmy to some places in the world but not here. Hawaii was more comfortable, little range in temps, only 70′s to 80′s, so no big change and as long as the trade winds were blowing, very comfortable.
I still find it hard to believe that it snowed on the high elevations of the Big Island but they tell me, yes.
Okay, gotta deal with luggage but back soon.

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